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Thread: 4-inch non-touch outdoor display

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    4-inch non-touch outdoor display

    While most people are looking for 7" or larger units, I'm looking for a smaller outdoor (transflective, likely) display. My intent is to use it at the back of a traditional gauge major gauge pod (such as on late 60s Camaros, Mustangs, etc).

    Worse still, I'm looking for square, not landscape.

    Higher DPI would be a blessing, but not a requirement.

    Can anyone point me in a direction that might lead to something similar?

    Thanks much,

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    What input do you need for the display?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
    What input do you need for the display?
    VGA or DVI most likely. I'm not going to build it out of an Atmel so presumably a small Atom PC or similar, so whatever is the most appropriate for the smaller single-board PCs.

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