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Thread: Places to buy screens from

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    Places to buy screens from

    Looking for a screen, and keep stumbling across places selling them, so thought it'd be nice to put them all in one place.

    Decent place, used them before, quick delivery, good advice.

    Long delivery times.

    Few more I haven't purchased from...

    Any others?
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    I have purchased a screen and had another updated by a site user. He lives somewhat locally to me and I have visited him personally. Great guy.

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    Apologies, nothing wrong with mp3carstore. Just I'm in the UK, anything from the states seems to attract more postage and taxes from the US.

    Also in my case I was after a non standard sized screen. First was a slim open framed 10", it took a while of trawling through drawings to find one that'd fit in the hole.

    Now I'm on the hunt for a small screen to fit in a single din unit, both of which I didn't really want to pay a premium for a name like lilliput or whoever. Glad I didn't as I broke my screen fitting it and its only cost 35 to replace.

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    Don't forget MP3Car has a UK store too!

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