Hi guys,

first of all, sorry about my bad english but iīm not really used to write in this language...

hereīs my first post and my first problem...

my project is an old mac mini intel core2 duo in my van and instead of the HU the Lilliput 869GL in a regular double Din Brezel.
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got my system running well with a carnetix P2140, but in case of using the monitor also with a DVD-HU (w/o mac mini)
i changed my powering point from the carnetix to the ignition-wire from the car...

putting all together in my dash with an open "powered" switch i layed down the button board on the wires.
a DVD was running, the monitor was displaying the movie, i saw some smoke was coming from the button board.

a minute later, the Lilliput switched from the movie to a white screen, no more control from button board or IR-remote.

I donīt know, wether itīs caused from the direct wiring to IGN or the button board was touching the open switch,
but in the End, the monitor isnīt working anymore

Now the Question,
did i fry only the button board - or also the control board?

With best regards from Munich/Germany