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Thread: 91 vw instrument cluster idea

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    91 vw instrument cluster idea

    i couldnt think of anywhere else to put this.

    so a few days ago i had an idea for my car. replace the instrument cluster with a screen. But what i want to do is, i think, different from everyone else. i want to have the left half of whatever screen i put in to be the gauges and the right half to be a gps map. even if i have to do two screens. where it gets interesting is i would like to be able to enter an address on the main screen that will b e where the radio/heater controls are and have the map show directions. instrument/gps screen doesnt need to be touch. the other thing i was thinking about was it would be nice if i could have the gauge side show any codes that pop up.

    this is the best pic i can find of the cluster. the main screen will be going where the heater controls are on the right. i have that part figured out. the cluster hole is roughly 10 1/2" x 4 1/2" and i plan on setting the screen back from the front face of the dash about 2".
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    Question is what would be the best way of doing this? The car pc I'll be using has two hdmi ports. My other issue is how do I get tach, Speedo, coolant and fuel gauges from stock to the screen? Along with the battery oil and coolant lights. Everything is electrical but the Speedo. If I do the motor swap I want to do before I do the carputer it will have electric speedo but that's a long way off. Also would it be possible to do the split screen the way I want to with GPS controls on main screen and map and directions on cluster screen?
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    What you are looking for , seems pretty ambitious With a Car that old, getting the various signals, in digital form can be hard... OBD2 , which is the standard, that most ready-to-use software speedos use, was developed after 1994, so i wouldn't count on it... you could look on Vag-com protocols!my car is the same age (auidi), and there was no such option at all...
    instead, i have made a microcontroller based module, that reads the car sensors, and sends data in digital form, to a 7" tablet!!

    as for the maps, i suppose the best way would be to have the maps/lcd, hooked up as a secondary carpc monitor... but not idea how would you input the desired location...

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    I think when I get around to doing this cluster idea I'll have the motor and management out of my old 96 Golf installed. It will probably happen separately from the car pc install anyways.

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