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Thread: 7" vs. 8" monitors

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    7" vs. 8" monitors

    I just bought a Kia Optima with sunroof (that will be used often) and in the planning stages for a CarPC.
    The Optima dash can easily fit an 8" 16:9 screen.

    I've been researching and it seems the 7" monitors are BY FAR the most popular here and are what get the latest & greatest technology.
    It also appears the 7" are much brighter than the 8".
    I do plan to use my sunroof a lot, which will create a possible glare on the screen. Should I go for a 7" over the 8" even though I can fit any 8" out there?

    It'll be connected via HDMI from my CarPC and will need two aux inputs for front and rear cameras.

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    I think with a sunroof you will need the high brightness of a sunlight readable display That would limit you to the 7" size and be a lot more money too. As for the dual rca inputs for front and rear camera's, not sure if they do have 2 inputs but if not you can always use a usb camera for the front view and might be a lot easier to record that video, the rear cam is really the only one needing automatic switching. Good luck in your adventure SNO

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    I have an 8" and its too dim at 400nit 600contrast. I should have suffered a brighter 7" instead of the dim 8".

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    Thank you for the helpful replies.
    The brightest 8" I found was 450 nit and that is not much difference from 400 nit.

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    I have a galaxy tab 8.4...the screen is amazing in sunlight and out.its soo good in the car i want to rip it apart and fix the lcd in the dash..
    Just saying their are 8'+ screens coming out that are the goods but can we use them yet??? Mabee.
    Im aware this doesnt help much for thought really

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    I was using an open frame 8" Transreflective PRO from CarTFT for a few years and had no trouble with the Sunroof open, the units are/were a bit costly though.
    Palm sized ainol MiniPC, 8" Transreflective PRO, Win10, Reverse camera, Dual 10HZ GPS RX's for Speed Display & Sat Nav, FM-DAB & Phone Modules, iDrive interface. T-Screen HVAC control, custom microcontrollers, microcode and FE.

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    I thought about tablets but don't like how difficult it may be to switch between video sources. I plan to have one HDMI and two composite video feeds.

    That CarTFT looks nice. Nothing sold in the USA though.

    So, do all these popular models, like the liliput 669, offer dual touch sensitivity? I plan to run android and might use two fingers to zoom in/out of text.

    The Daylight Brightness 7" 669 is my top consideration until I find a slim bezel 8" with specs that I like and is easy to buy and warranty.

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    Okay, I've decided on my needs and have emailed a few companies to see who has what to offer or can make me something custom.

    1) 8" to 8.5" screen (prefer 8.5").
    2) Multi Touch capacitive (compatible with Android).
    3) High Brightness (700+ nits).
    4) Anti glare.
    5) Open frame or slim bezel.
    6) Automatic rear-camera video input selector.
    7) Auto brightness.
    8) HD resolution.
    9) DIY budget.
    10) Widescreen 16:9 or 16:10.

    I don't need it today.
    The build won't be completed for a month or so.

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    Actually I just came across this. Backup Camera's for Android tablets are already a thing! Using WiFi connection:

    Demo video:

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