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Thread: HELP! RF Noise From Lilliput

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    HELP! RF Noise From Lilliput

    I have a vehicle specific Lilliput 669GL (May be a 629GL) I bought a few years back. Works well. Recently I got into amateur radio. The trouble I am running into is. When the monitor powers up. There is terrible RF noise being emitted. The Radio and antenna are in the back of the vehicle. (Jeep Patriot) Just the control head and Mic up front. I know it's the monitor because the computer is currently out of the car for upgrades. I am preparing to so Digital Data Stuff with D-Star and 1.2Ghz but I need this problem to go away.

    Anyone have similar experiences? Would rebuilding or replacing the Power Supply help?

    2008 Jeep Patriot
    7in Lilliput
    1.6 Atom Jetway Board, 2gb Ram,
    Sound Blaster External Sound Card,
    RE Audio Coaxials, RE Audio 12in Sub,
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    You should have a look at Mick's in depth post about noise and interference from the M4 power supply as a lot of those issues may be related in some way Good luck SNO

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    If you've proven that it's the display then, like most devices, it's likely powered by a minimal tiny switch mode supply, these cheep things are incredibly RF dirty. I don't know the Display you are using, but if the supply is external then it's obviously an easy fix, so I'm assuming it's onboard, making this a bit harder. Replacing it with a linear regulator or a screened external SMPS would likely solve the problem, however the electronics for the screen can also be a source of RF noise in some displays, although less so than the SMPS.
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