I purchased a 10.1'' IPS LCD with glass capacitive touch screen on a "custom" driver board integrated with usb for the touch and hdmi for the input, I know there are tons of chinese versions of these but this was from a guy in israel who did it on his own. Unfortunately I had to cancel the order because the display was originally listed as the LG but turns out it was the cheaper AUO brand.

He has an 11.6'' in the works but said it will be about a month and I have waited way too long already and was curious if anyone in the states does any sort of custom integration like this? Is it possible I can mix/match display lcds and cap. touch glass panels and as long as their size is the same they can be integrated together with custom hardware and software? Is what this guy did in israel just outrageously difficult and rare and should I just stick with him? He had his functioning on windows, android, ubuntu, basically stable at 1280x800 on every platform.

Appreciate your replies.