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Thread: TFT Screen on Book PC

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    TFT Screen on Book PC

    Hey guys,

    Is there a web site that will show step by step how to use a tft screen from a laptop with a regular pc? I have a Book Pc in my car that I control with a keypad and I want to hook up a 12" TFT screen from and old Panasonic laptop to the Book Pc.

    This is a pic of the screen

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    You need a controller card. This question gets asked time and time again. It isn't straightforward to connect a laptop LCD to a PC.

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    I checked out that possibility when I first started this mess and found out that the video card has to be manufactured to fit that particular screen. This means that the video card will be very expensive, making it ultimately cheaper to buy a display designed for an RCA or VGA input. Also, if your using a laptop for your car pc forget it, the video card will be PCI so you won't be able to use it attached to a laptop. Sorry for the bad news.


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