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Thread: Lcd Display - Connection To Multiple Cameras

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    Lcd Display - Connection To Multiple Cameras

    I Know A Lot Of Guys Have Put A Rearview Camer In Their Car So I Want Ot Take Mine To The Next Level. I Want To Install 2 Rearview Cameras (one Color - For Daytime Viewing , And One Infrared For Nighttime Veiwing) And 2 More Infrared Inside My Side Mirrors For Night Time Use Becase My Tinted Windows Make It Hard To See Outside At Night- And For The Cool Factor.

    I Need Help Building A Circuit To Turn On The Cameras In The Side Mirrors On When I Use Either Turn Signals . I Figured That I Can Connect The Rear View Cameras To My Backup Lights So They Only Come On When The Vehicle Is In Reverse. Currently I Have A Lcd Display In My Visor And Another Lcd Display On My Dashboard

    I Need Some Ideas Bucause I Have Been Racking My Brains But No Bright Ideas Pop Up.

    I Definitely Cannot Connect The Side Cameras To My Turn Signals Cuz Everyone Knows That It Is Not A Constant 12 Volts.

    Any Thoughts?
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    You might be able to hook it in to the feed coming from the indicator stalk on the steering column, as that will be a constant feed before it goes into the relay/flasher unit.

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    Why not look for some cheapish surplus CCTV cameras/spy cameras that have composite out, and munt two composite in 4 or 5" TFT's inside the car by the A pillars in custom pods, with them being only powered when you have your headlights switched on.

    you still go through the motions of checking your mirrors, but think, 3 screen upfront, how trick
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