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Thread: 7.2 LCD screen What do i need?

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    7.2 LCD screen What do i need?

    I just bought this lcd screen of ebay for .06 cents YES THATS RIGHT .06
    Im curious to know what im gonna have to have done to get it to run off a pc i know its a replacement for a laptop but im sure there is away to get it to run.

    Here is the link

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    you'll need to find the correct controller, which typically isn't cheap

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    Hi Numonik,

    you bought an DSTN, or better said CSTN Display.
    This little thing only handles a switching time of approx 200ms.
    To slow for multimedia appīs.

    Normaly these kind of displays are used in idustrial applications, where fast ton/toff times are not required.

    Altough you bought a display from April 2001 (Datecode is readable on the little sticker) for good price. (Normaly here in Germany, Industrial oemīs would pay approx 240EUR for this display
    If you need more specīs, let me knor it. I could mail you the datasheet.

    But believe me, you wonīt get a controller, at ease, which handles the pc vga signals.

    Kind regards.


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