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Thread: PSOne LCD Screen Help

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    Unhappy PSOne LCD Screen Help

    Hi can someone help me i followed the info MPro put up about psone screens, which worked great the only problem i got is when the screen is plugged in even during the bios bootup the screen is constantly rolling Vertically you can make out the picture but it`s like it`s revolving around and around, i have tryed using a resister between the Hsync and Green but that just causes what i can see to be tinted lime green can someone please give me some advice, it works in windows as well but the screen is o messed up to see much except my windows desktop rolling across the screen, the video mode is 800X600 at 65 Hertz which is the lowest i can get the card to go, but i thought that the card should be able to show the bios boot screen at least

    The Screen is a Logic3 Screen bought in the UK (where i am) and the PC is a Patriot Book PC which has an Via 8mb graphics card onboard

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    Sounds like 65Hz is not low enough. For a UK screen you'll probably find that you need to get it to 50Hz (ie, TV frequency).

    Use something like powerstrip to tweak the parameters if you can.

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    The PSONE screen can display resolutions other than 640x480i? So would you loose lines by running at 640x480 without interlacing?

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    The BIOS screen won't be viewable no matter what, the PSOne screen requires that special software be run to display the computer's output. You need the PowerStrip software mentioned later in the thread to get the sync down low enough, and the res down to 640x480i. If your video chip can't handle it, you're out of luck and will have to get a PCI graphics card that can.

    For anyone else considering using a PSOne display:
    It is not plug-n-play, it is very limited in the video modes it can display. Also, read through the entire thread where M Pro tells about it, some of this stuff wasn't revealed until page 3.

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    it is very limited in the video modes it can display
    But on the bright side, if you can't get it working with the VGA mod, it works quote well as a composite screen anyway - bios screen and all, with no special software.


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