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Thread: Matrix Orbital MX Series

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    Matrix Orbital MX Series

    Very quickly, does anyone have any experiance with these displays?

    They look like a pretty cool all in one solution, and the reviews seem pretty fravorable as well.

    They are only character LCDs, but offer a very simple one connector (USB) solution.

    MX Series Dispalays

    Matrix Orbital

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    As all ways please ignore spelling grammer and the like.

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    I used the matrix orbital vk2041, 20x2 . It uses a serial interface, 5vdc. I was very pleased with it.
    And for some reason I really like the old school look of the VFD. thats some pics of mine.

    I used software from Henrik Husted to diplay ID3 tags on the VFD.

    I just finished my indash VGA touch, so I really have no use for it now.
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