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Thread: vga to tv converter or video card with tv out

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    Question vga to tv converter or video card with tv out

    Ok Im using a pc-chips M758lmr+ mini atx motherboard and it doesn't have a AGP port it only has 3 PCI I can't find a good PCI card with TV out I was wondering if a VGA to TV converter would do te trick? any suggestions?.


    converter 1

    second converter

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    I picked up this on ebay quite cheap for PCI as I was in the same boat as you:

    I originaly used a converter which worked great at the start but just got annoying as its takes a little of the quality off the LCD which when NOT using a VGA lcd isnt needed!!!

    IMO I would try and source out a TV-out card, as you will have less wires to Faf about with as well as a clearer picture.
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