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Thread: Another cheap LCD with S-Video

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    Lightbulb Another cheap LCD with S-Video

    I was in Comp USA today buying a USB wireless adapter for $20 AR but was checking out what else they had.

    In the gaming section they have 5.4" LCD screens with both composite and S-Video inputs. It was $89 in the store but the website is listing $99. It might be a cheap alternative for people.

    But it begs the question, is S-video capable of showing text? I just haven't seen that on here yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    S-video is just a standard TV out but slightly better quality. for PC text and definition you need VGA
    Especially at that size...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiler
    Especially at that size...
    depends. I've been running a 5.6" using a composite input (with sVideo to Composite convertor) and it's been "reasonable". Windows in 800x600 and fonts on full size. It's fine for MP3 etc, your player should show large enough fonts. I've used it for GPS too, but it doesn't really cut the mustard for that.


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    My observation was based on my 6.4" Pioneer LCD screen, which is using the SHVS out. It would be OK if all I wanted was the MP3's, using winamp (pioneer skin) on double size, however I also have GPS and reading the words is just about manageable, but it's like reading without reading glasses.

    Investigating a VGA screen, now that seem more freely available and cheaper.


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