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Thread: Problem with Xenarc Touchscreen Calibration Flip

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    Problem with Xenarc Touchscreen Calibration Flip

    I have looked around in the foruma dn I can see anybody ever having this problem. Its this:

    If I turn on the monitor and calibrate it in wondows it works fine I can restart and shutdown and turn the monitor off/on (from button) etc as many times as I like no problem. When I unplug the monitor for power the touchscreen flips horizotally so I press on the right and the cursor moves to the left!!!

    Has anybody had this problem? Im not sure but I think there is somthing called RotTray which is a program that rotates the touchscreen, but the manual doenst mention enough about it it talk about rotating the screen image no the touch calibration.

    please help, Im going crazy to figure out why this could be!!

    PS. The brightness settings are lost when the monitor is turned off also not sure if you have this feature too?


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    I sometimes get the same problem, usually but not always after i have removed the power from the screen (when i manage to run my car batt down).
    I then rerun the calibration function to fix the problem. If you have a better solution i'm all ears.

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    I had this problem, the touchscreen was "rotated"

    I have been in contact with them regarding this problem, and they gave me authorisation to open it up and send them pictures. Everything seemed in place, and it worked once of twice, until the wires move at all. Now it's not even registering the touchscreen when the machine turns on. I need to pull my dash apart and send it off to Xenarc. I am sending back the main control board, and the touchscreen controller board also, as soon as I get the dash apart (tonight hopefully).

    Hopefully they won't take too long to return it, as without it, I am without a working display for my carputer, luckily I'm not going on any long drives where I would need music and/or GPS navigation.

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