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Thread: Xenarc 700TSV/Lilliput Dilemma!!

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    Xenarc 700TSV/Lilliput Dilemma!!

    Hi all,

    I am curently desperate for a 7" VGA touchscreen monitor to finish off my carputer project.

    I have seen all the post relating to the new Liliput monitors and a bit worried about the availability and reliability of this product (let alone sending money to a guy in HK when others still not receiving there items after 2 weeks or so)

    I have mailed Xenarc direct about the 700TSV and this is the reply i got: -

    The 700TSV is currently in stock. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Jason Huang

    My dilemma is should i go for this screen at 350 ($595) as it seems reliable enough and lots of people have been using them for some time and no one seem to want to sell them, must be a good sign!! Or should i wait untill i can get hold of the cheaper Liliput (if it is any good)

    Trouble is i want one now!!



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    I'd wait a week or two...It seems that with the Lilliputs now shiping, several people are running into quality issues with them, and are returning their screens. They may be a great deal, or they may be just expensive junk.
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    I also think you should wait a bit longer. I have used the Lilliput monitor (just LCD with video and TV) in my car for two years and it works fine. Actually that monitor also has a horizontal flip and vertical flip function which is best for rear camera.


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