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Thread: Choosing a Character display...

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    Choosing a Character display...

    Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble deciding which Character display to go with for my upcoming carputer.

    1) Parallel Character LCD 20x2 $20.33
    * Green LED Backlight
    * STN Positive, Gray
    * Transflective

    2) Parallel Character LCD 20x2 $19.92
    * Yellow/Green LED Backlight
    * STN Negative, Blue
    * Transmissive

    3) 20x2 PLED Module $23.75
    Yellow-Green PLED display

    These are all from the Crystalfontz website. I was initally deciding between the two LCDs, however they now have a new so-called PLED display that displays yellow-green on black. It is a bit taller than the LCD displays, however it looks a bit nicer than those two.
    From what I have read, the difference between the two LCDs is that the transflective display will have lower glare effect than transmissive when exposed to direct sunlight. I'm hoping that some of you guys that have LCDs of either type could tell me your experiences using similar displays in a car environment.
    I know nothing about the PLED display other than it looks similar to the yellow-green/blue module. Does anyone know how this form of display would fare in sunlight and dark?

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    [QUOTE=Kryten]Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble deciding which Character display to go with for my upcoming carputer.
    Well I have decided to go with a VFD from for a few reasons,
    1. a much wider temp range which is needed for an enviorment such as a car.
    2. charactors can still be read in direct sunlight
    3. they are ultra sexxy

    the only real downfall is they are more expensive.
    but you will be paying alot more if you have to keep on replacing your lcd if it bites the dust because if the temperature inside your car.
    hope that helps a little...

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    why wont you get 20x4, its almost the same price ebay

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    Umm, I'm looking for suggestions about the displays I've listed, not other suggestions for displays.
    I have already looked at MatrixOrbital, but VFDs don't interest me because:
    1) I don't care about wider range; +50°C is good enough. Besides, I can get that on either of the Crystalfontz LCDs for much less.
    2) That's what I'm asking about the green/blue LCD & PLED.
    3) They're also ultra expensive.

    I can also get a 20x4 display from the same site for a few dollars more. The thing is, I don't want 20x4. For that matter, it wouldn't even fit on my dash.
    Any other suggestions?


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