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Thread: Flush mounting

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    Flush mounting

    I am looking to flush mount a small (7" prob) LCD VGA monitor like this:

    into my interior:

    It would go right where the stock radio is, my Alpine 9813 HU will get installed where the Climate control (just below the stock HU) and the climate control will be heading on its way to the center console. I plan on modifying the glove box to fit my brain unit which will probably be based on the VIA EPIA M10000 Mini ITX.

    I have been into car audio for some time, but this time around I wanted to expirement a little and get into something new. I started with wanting Nav and some other stuff which led me here, to wanting to install a "Carputer."

    I digress...Anyways, i am very skilled with fiberglass and body filler, so what I was thinking was if it was possible (please let me know if it isnt...) I wanted to pull that dash panel and the front most Bezel (I dont know that much about the screens either...) mate them together with some body filler, finish it off and remount the rest of the screen behind it, obviously without that god awful stand. Anyways, let me know if this will even work, just getting to the planning stages now.

    Awesome Site, I'm glad I found it!

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    I have been working on mine all weekend. (same LCD) I am filling a space that is 2x DIN tall, but about 4 inches wider.

    So far, I have a peice of plexiglass that is cut to fit the space. I also have several peices of 1/4th inch thick wood that fit around the screen and touch the frame keeping it all in place.

    My next step is to cut the rectangular hole for the screen. I am guessing this will be the hardest part, so I have extra material if I screw it up.

    When it is all done, I plan to paint it the same color as my interior. I know I could just use regular plastic for this, but it is actually easier to build when you can see through it. (See how things line up on the backside when you are testing demintions)

    I lost the charger for my digi, so I cant take any pictures.

    In my design, I am using the origional back plastic cover from the LCD. I am also using those 4 little metal tabs to hold the screen into place.

    I hope this picture helps.
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