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Thread: Feedback Post: Owners Of Lilliput VGA Touch Screens Plz Read

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod_nut
    Question for you Lilliput users:
    1) Do you have to turn on the LCD every time you start driving the car OR does the display turn on when it gets power?
    Depends on how you wire it in, with the included 12v adapter you will need to turn the screen on each time you start the engine. If you hard wire it to the battery via dc-dc converter you will have the screen stay on and go to standby with PC off everytime you turn off the engine and it will automatically reappear when pc is powered on. You can hard wire it to the accessory line but will still need to turn on each time.

    2) I see a lot of issues with the display here? Are there any good experiences out there? Is there anyone using a Mini-ITX M1000 board and the Lilliput without problems?

    I am still deciding on my carpc specs but will probably use a pci video card, there cheap and will allow a 848x480 resolution. I don't know how good the on board is so can't really comment.

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    Check your refresh rate!

    Quote Originally Posted by Visual Echo
    System: VIA EPIA Mini-iTX MII 10000 (VIA C3 Nehemiah 1GHz)
    VGA: Neither On-board VGA Castlerock nor ATI All-in-Wonder VE (7500) will drive the LCD
    Operating System: Fedora Core 1
    Problems: Yes, only works on a few video cards, usually really old ones I dig our of my junk box
    Comments: Blinks every few seconds like it's trying to take the sync, but never works out.

    The Lilliput display looks great when I hook it to an old ATI Rage Pro 3D card, but that's a little old for today. It has never worked with the onboard VGA, but my oldest most warped CRT works fine. This didn't bother me too much as I was going to put a video capture board in the PCI slot anyway. So I just got an ATI All-In-Wonder VE (7500 with Theatre 200 chip), works great with the CRT, but I plug in the Lilliput... and blink! ..... blink! ..... blink! ..... same as the onboard VGA. Very disappointing. No BIOS settings help, and this is not a 'linux' problem, I can't see the BIOS boot screen either. I got the LCD from the gentleman on Ebay, so I will have to drop him a note about what to do or how to get it replaced.
    To people who get no picture or 'out of range' errors-
    Is your refresh rate set to 60 Hz? I've never seen an LCD that went above 60 Hz, including my rather expensive Samsung SyncMaster 173T. That could be why older video cards work- the refresh rate on them is probably lower.

    You normally can't shove 75+ Hz into an LCD and expect it to work properly.

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    My only problem:
    800x600 pixel 60hz setting will work perfect on my lilliput 619GL. But, everytime I restart the windows, the resolution goes back to 1024X768 pixel. Advise please?
    System: M1000 Nehemiah 1G
    VGA: Onboard
    OS: windows 2000Lite


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    System: EPIA V800
    VGA: Onboard - S3?
    Operating System: Win2k currently, moving to gentoo now i have linux touchdrivers
    Problems: None, its a great screen
    Comments: It would be nice to have the AV inputs on the back so it could be mounted flush somewhere with the AV plug hidden.
    Mitsubishi Lancer Hatch
    VIA EPIA 800V
    128RAM - 10 GB HDD
    200 Watt PSU - 300 Watt Inverter
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
    D-Link USB FM Radio
    Dlink DWL-520+ b/g Wifi Card
    Fortuna GPSmart
    Alpine Amp and Splits
    Gentoo Linux/Windows 2000

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    Parker, CO
    System: LCD connected to VIA M10000N
    VGA: On-board Epia-M10000 VGA out: Castlreock
    Operating System: Windows XP Home
    Problems: Yes
    Comments: Screen is nice...touchscreen is bust.

    I get a nice bright display and I'm happy with the display at 800x600. Trouble is that I've tried all the drivers previously mentioned and nothing will get the touchscreen working. I've calibrated until I'm blue in the face, I touch anywhere on the screen & it registers a keypress at the bottom left. I've tried lossening the clamps on the screen, checking the 'ribbon' cables and I'm left with the conclusion that either the touchscreen or USB controller was bad from the factory. I believe these cannot have been tested. I tried Emailing Lilliput USA for help but got NO response. I won't bother trying to Email Car pod. (I got it in a group buy) as he is useless at responding to Email and I'm finding him unreliable to deal with.

    I may send it of to digitalww to get fixed. If you're out there Armen, do you think it is the touchscreen or controller?

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    System - Lilliput into Toshiba 4600 Pro
    VGA - Trident Video Accelerator (Toshiba Standard)
    OP System - MS XP Pro
    Problem - Unable to get the touch screen to work

    I am having problems with getting my touch screen to work. My USB looks to be in working order (i.e. – TouchKit USB controller for Touch Screen - shows up correctly with on my Device Manager). The computer recognises that the touch screen is connected but to no avail will the touch screen process work for me…

    Additional problems which lead me to believe it may be a software problem is that when I look into the TouchKit App. I have no interface (Controller) on the general tab or monitor types on the monitor tab…

    If I try to add a controller thru the TouchKit App. it performs the search for a couple of seconds then shuts down the App.

    Can you HELP please…

    Merv... Darwin, Aust...

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    System - Athalon XP2800+ ouput to Lilliput 7"
    VGA - Onboard motherboard
    OP System - MS XP Pro
    Problem - The GLARE and BRIGHTNESS, arghhh!

    Ok, I would be happy with the screen if you could actually use it during the daytime. My setup rocks and everyone loves it but it looks like *** during the daytime. I have read all the glare threads and whatnot, so here's my question:

    When are they going to make these LCDS brighter and the touchscreens less light reflective?!?! I mean I would pay an extra $200 or more if that were the case.

    Now onto the Jurrasic Park logo that pops up every now and then... WTF!?!? Are these pulls from some sort of amusment park or what? It sucks when that happens to because if you don't catch it, the screen will lock up and you're screwed until it decides to reset.

    I have mine hardwired to the battery so the computer will automatically bring it out of standby... nice automatic solution right? Wrong, because I find myself turning it off these days because I dread getting the screen "hung" by the stupid Jurrasic Park logo.

    Now in conclusion, I guess this screen is what it is, meaning: it looks nice in the night-time, isn't going to win any awards for contrast or clarity but works. I was thinking of paying the extra $100 and replacing my lilli with a Xenarc but after reading the posts I don't think it will be worth it either. So if you're in the market for a 7" touchscreen, just suck it up and by one of those two or wait till something better comes out (any idea when that will be people)?!?!

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