Hey there,

I purchased one of these in dash tv's to put in my car
, which is suppose to be NTSC/PAL auto switchable. Since we use PAL here in
Australia this was one of the reasons I bought this particular model.

When I installed the tv with the tv tuner
http://www.portablemp3playerstore.co...d/dvd/FD-5.htm , which
I am 100% sure is PAL compatible, the image was balck and white, off center,
and fuzzy. It was obvious that the tv was still working in NTSC mode. There
is no switch to manually switch it to PAL, so what can I do?? Am I missing
something here??

Also, when I connected the dvd/tv tuner to my inverter at home and tried to see if the tuner would work, I was only able to pick up one channel. Could this be becuase USA uses different frequencies for channels??

Any help would be great,