OK, my first posting, and I feel a bit out of place here, since my interest in these small LCD monitors did not start because of any interest in 'carputers' (though the concept is super cool, I am not sure that it is practical in -35C Canadian winters!).

My interest actually spawns from the frustration I had lately trying to use the tiny 1.8" LCD monitor on the back of my digital camera (110k pixels). Sure, it is 'good enough' for casual purposes, but there is a group of folks out there (including myself) that likes to use digital cameras for 'astronomy', and it is very difficult to focus on planets/stars/etc. with such a small image. The experienced folks suggest using a 'Marshall V-LCD4' or similar composite LCD monitor, but when I did some Google searching I ran across 'Xenarc' as a possible alternative -- and that is why I found my way eventually to this newsgroup.

The 'professional' audio/visual store in my city seems to be totally ignorant of LCD monitors like the Marshall or Xenarc, and suggest that I just use a small TV set hooked out to the video-out of my digital camera -- telling me that I will be 'unhappy' with any video-viewing on consumer-grade LCD screens in comparison -- and telling me that 'professional' LCD monitors are way out of my price range.

OK, so I *might* eventually get something like the Xenarc 700V (just video) or 700YV (VGA & video), etc., but I would appreciate any comments on the 'video' quality of these devices compared to the CRT-style of a 13" TV or whatever. Of course, if I get a 'VGA also' device, I could use it for more than just composite video.