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Thread: casing in lilliput, would it fit?

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    casing in lilliput, would it fit?

    I want to do a custom dash install so it looks factory. I've seen some pictures of this being done but I was wondering if people took the LCD out of the casing or just formed the casing onto the dash. I've included a picture of my dash but another issue is behind the dash there is the metal piece that currently holds the factory stereo...the LCD would have to be the exact size of the stereo for it to not hit the metal piece behind it.
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    People do both. The latter (molding the lcd bezel into the dash radio bezel) looks much better and more "OEM"; however, the former (taking the LCD panel out of the bezel and placing it behind a rectangular cut-out in the dash radio bezel) is much easier, so often times people (who don't want to try fiberglass/fabrication) will do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detz
    for it to not hit the metal piece behind it.
    That my friend, is why cutting tools were invented.
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