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Thread: In dash VGA needed.

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    In dash VGA needed.

    I cant finish my Sentraputer untill I get a display. I dont want to settle for TV-out due to the crappy resolution.

    I came || close to buying this:

    It is a fully motorized tft. Comes with a remote and everything. (Panasonic display)

    Its $299 (Not bad for a motorized in dash 7" display)

    This is kind of a question to the Sellers that frequent this board (Digitalww and DSCustoms), Will any of you have a VGA In-dash display available in the next 2 weeks? Because if not, I am going to be forced to buy an RCA input display.
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    they (motorized in-dash VGA touchscreens)were supposed to come out in june, then in july, then august, then they stopped talking about them. I see now that they are supposed to be coming out at the end of this month, but don't hold your breath.
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