Well i just got my lillyput screen in last night from dscustoms, with somewhat mixed opinions.

First of all, i remember someone posting images of there lillyput in direct sunlight and everyone was excited about how bright the screen was and how good the image looked, includeing me.

Then there was the lillyput vs GAIN images on digitallww, again i was excited about how much brighter it was than the GAIN screen.

From the images ive seen online it was clear the lillyput screen was in my opinion of better quality. Having owned a GAIN screen for a month at best before the vga connector on the back of the monitor broke, and knowing first hand how the screen sucked in direct sunlight. I was pretty happy that i was getting my broken screen replaced with a lillyput, even if i did have to wait almost 2 months.

Anyway, when i installed the screen it was night time, and yes the screen is brighter than the GAIN screen, but not in my opinion super brighter, just brighter but thats a good thing. Looking closely at the image on the monitor, its a little grainy but it seems to me its the touchscreen overlay thats causeing the slight grainyness. Not a big issue, the image is still good. One of the biggest things about this monitor i liked was how the cables for vga and touchscreen dont plug into the back of the monitor like the GAIN screen with its ****ty connector. The cable come out of the monitor about 4 inches and you plug the vga cable up the that and then to the computer. Makes it easier to take the monitor out of car frequently without the worry of breaking a cheap *** connector like on the GAIN screens. I cant stress enough how crappy that connector is, but im sure anyone here with one allready knows how ****ty it is.

Finally, im driveing to work today, its daylight now and im a little dissappointed in the direct sunlight on this screen. Its nothing like those images i saw here. When the sun hits the screen you cant see **** where the sun is. Its not even sunny today, kind of cloudy a little in chicago. I also have tints on my windows, front and back 35% so that helps a little. I think the touch screen overlay is reflective or something because a few times when the sun hit the screen it would be very bright (blown out) and almost blind me.

The resolutions that the screen support are pretty limited, but thats not a big issue. I dont intend on running it at 1600x1200, but i would like more flexibility.
On the way in this morning , for some reason the screen kept turning itself off. Not sure why but it cleared up after about 20min. I think i had to turn the screen back on about 5 times. I do like the blue light from the buttons on the screen, matches my spedo and the grey color of the case is an exact match to my grey interior

Touchscreen seems to be working fine, havent had any issues with it so far, but its only been 1 day. The disk that the drivers come on is a piece of crap. My CDROM could barely recognize it.

But over all im happy with the screen and would pick it over the GAIN screens anyday.

sorry so long.