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Thread: 7" composite or 15" true vga lcd?

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    Post 7" composite or 15" true vga lcd?

    Ok first post don't flame since I have extensivly read the archives and lagged the server with searches anyway here is my situation

    - 400$ for a miniature vga screen is completely out of the question... don't even suggest it ;\

    - sadly i do not have the ability to wait the time it would take me to save for a 'proper' vga touchscreen..

    - i can get either a 7" composite screen (pyle, pyramid, legacy, lilliput from HK) for the same price i can get a normal used 15" pc stand alone monitor.

    but i have a problem.. between a blurry image and a huge screen i have little choice. if i go with the 15 i will have to mount it either on the foor basically right next to the center console and shifter reducing my passenger area and probably getting it in my way or mount it on the glove box at an angle facing me taking less space off the floor. Both ways will be non permanent or vehicle damaging so that is my concern i guess once i get to it.

    now my uses will be anything and everything and i am leaning towards productivity above all. obviously i don't want to look rediculous with a cinema view in my front area and passenger seat space is not really that important to save.

    so, anyone chime in. i guess i am basically asking if i will look like a moron for a huge screen or if i will hate myself with a blurry useless one. i have to decide and choose the lesser evil.

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    You did not mention what type of vehicle this is for. I have a 15" vga lcd in my yukon and it looks right at home. I think it would look a bit silly in a small honda. I also have 5 7" comp LCDs in my truck as well. I have tryed to use the computer on them and i couldnt do it. the fonts were just unreadable. if you are going to use a front end software the smaller screens might be a good choice but if you want to surf the web, email, read documents, or just basicly navigate windows i would get the bigger screen.

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    its for a maxima.. far cry from a yukon but not a compact either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAmonmouth
    I have a 15" vga lcd in my yukon and it looks right at home.
    I'd like to see some pictures please. I'm putting a 7" lilliput in my Sierra right now. My cousin wants to put a 15" in his Silverado-he's thinking about roof mounting the monitor.

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