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Thread: jurassic park???

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    Question jurassic park???

    This is gona sound wierd as *****, but i just got my touchscreen from, and been usin it for about an hour with my laptopo when i decided to switch my laptop off, so i did so and switched the screen off, i then turned the laptop back on, then just at the bios booting bit turned the screen on, and a faded image of the jurassic park logo came on, then it fades even more and switched to the win xp boot screen, tried it twice, same happened again!!!

    Not too bothered but i just think this is kinda strange

    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtd86
    This is gona sound wierd as *****
    Any suggestions?
    Sounds about as wierd as the 2 or 3 other thousand times I've heard about it!

    Have you read this board??

    Any suggestions? Try search!

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