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Thread: TFT/LCD monitor question

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    Question TFT/LCD monitor question

    this mite be a stupid question, but as u can see, i only have 2 posts
    anyway, im pressed for cash right now, all i need is a monitor and wires and such. my dad bought a new computer so im takin his old athlon 500 mhz cpu and stuff. So here is my question: Im lookin on Ebay and i find really cheap TFT/LCD monitors. Is there anyway you can hook it up to the PC? I know VGA monitor would be the best, but im short on cash. also im wondering if there is a TFT/LCD connector where u can connect a TFT/LCD monitor to the VGA video card in the back of the PC?? thnx

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    There are adaptors that can let you do that but youd be better off buying a video card that has a tv output. Most of the newer ones have them and you can pick one up for less than $30. Just an example...

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    i have one on my voodoo3 that i have that i was gonna use for the carputer. How would i go about hooking it up to the monitor? also, will the quality be the same? (depending on vid card)

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