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Thread: LCD Touch Screen with VGA Input

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    LCD Touch Screen with VGA Input

    Greetings all!

    I'm kinda new to this place, so bear with me.

    Can anyone advise of a suitable LCD Touch Panel with VGA input? Somewhere around 7-10 inch diameter (Im not too fussed).

    I dont know where to start, how much I should be paying or who makes them. ($AUD would be nice). I dont want to spend and arm and a leg. Not overly bothered about the brightness. My car windows heavily tinted (yes, spank me, Im naughty). Thoughts? Directions?


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    read a few threads in the Display thread and you'll find there's two screens people generally use ...

    Xenarc ( - $500
    and Lilliput (get off Ebay or from - $350

    digitalww has a few others to choose from but those two are the most popular.
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