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Thread: Best Video Card For PSone Screen?

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    Best Video Card For PSone Screen?

    I have a Sony PSOne Screen moded and it work save for 2 things:
    1. Half screen, I see both halves but the rights side is on the left and left one the right.

    2. diaganal lines flipping on the screen.

    I'm thinking it's the video card wich is a ATI Turbo (M64) PCI

    what would be the best PCI CHEAP video card that will work?

    BTW this is going into my RX7 when it's done going to be cool!


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    Just play more with PowerStrip.
    I have that problem when I first moded (using Matrox G200).
    It's take me couple hrs to get it right.
    Couple of us here have successfully run it with Matrox G200 and SOME ATI card.
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    the problem with the card is that it does not go below 25hz and no custom res :\ but has csync!

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