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Thread: KVT910DVD as a monitor

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    Question KVT910DVD as a monitor

    Hello all. I am new to the carputer seen and would like some help. I have had the Kenwood KVT910DVD head unit for a few years now with the 5.1 decoder, amps, woofers. I also have a cd changer using the cd bus interface.
    My questions are:
    Can I use the Audio/Video Aux inputs on the KVT910DVD as my monitor for my carputer?
    If so, what display drivers do I need to get to fit on the 6.5' screen?

    My carputer will be running Winxp and will be primarily used for mp3 playback. In addition, has anybody successfully ran a wireless 802.11b set up. I would like the ease transfering files from my garage. I have done some searching in regards to LCD but have not seen anything that will help. Since I already the 910 I would like to utilize that monitor. This will be going into a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Kenwood 910 for carputer

    Yes you can use thin audio and video inputs on the 910 if your carputer has RCA video input. As far know, you can't use the touch screen features of the 910 but you can use the mouse and OSK to navigate.

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