I know mine does 440xRGBx234 as the spec for the Sharp panel fitted is on the internet

As Armin says if you've seen a panel that can do 800xRGBx480 then you can visibly see the diff as the lower spec one has large enough elements that you can see the grid arrangement.

Judging by you experience of finding Panasonic panels when one should have been Sharp just goes to show that you may well need open each one up or find some external way of telling as you can't trust the sales guys. I was a little bit annoyed when I found mine wasn't the panasonic panel but at the end of the day I ordered the TM702-L (as others on here had said it was 800x480 capable) and that is technically what I got.

I guess it was meant to be though as I have now moved on and have the lilliput which as far as I'm concerned for the price 202 inc VAT and Delivery, it wipes the floor with the other monitors available