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Thread: Question about an LCD on ebay

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    Question about an LCD on ebay

    Hello all. I am very new here and would like to ask a question. I was looking for a cheap solution to an lcd on my carputer and found this on ebay:

    Can anyone tell me anything about that LCD in particular? Anyone know anything at all about it? Thanks in advance guys!

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    Welcome to the boards

    That display is probably a screen technology called STN, which is pretty crappy. Also it only has composite input, and the resolution is only low (320x234) which is too low to display much clearly.

    It would be MUCH better if you save up for a few weeks more, and get yourself a VGA TFT, you will be shocked at the difference. You ever seen a computer try to display text on TV-Out? You seen how blurry it is compared to the monitor?

    If you don't believe me, or want to see for yourself, check out this post in the FAQ in the "Newbie" section, it should explain it all much better than I can

    The display is one of the most important parts in a good carputer setup, so don't scrimp and save on it The same applies to the power supply. Without good quality power or display, you can't see anything, because it's too blurry, or it won't even have power

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    That display is definatly STN. It looks like a black version of the Pyramid screen. Even a composite ( non-vga ) TFT screen will look much better. Basically it's a night and day difference between the two technologies. STN screens have poor color, poor viewing angles, poor resolution and lots of ghosting. A lot of people are quite happy with composite screens instead of the more expensive VGA ones, but make sure it is TFT not STN!

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    Excellent advice, thanks guys!!

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    Oh yeah! Welcome friend! STN is the same technilogy I had on my Samsung S105 cell phone and it sucked! TFT like everybody says is much better. I have a 7" in dash Panasonic screen and it's good enough for me! Although in bright environments where the sun is beaming down on it directly, it gets rather faded out.

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