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Thread: To all you LCD gurus, please help me find the right screen!

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    I'm in the market for a 7" because that's the size that will fit my center console perfectly...

    I took a trip to the downtown LA car audio district to see the picture quality in person. For others interested in a non VGA screen, most shops had Pyle, XO Audio, Farenheit, and Power Acoustik monitors. From talking to several owners, they told me that the Farenheit and Power Acoustik monitors were from the same manufacturer(?).

    The Farenheit and Power Acoustik monitors had better viewing angles and visibility compared to the rest of the no-name brands. However, I saw some Panasonic monitors and they were head and shoulders above the any of the others that day. I'm currently looking for the Panny's as we speak.

    If anyone has any good references/websites where I could get them, please PM me.

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    panasonic, kenwood, eclipse, & clarion are all really going to be better than the cheap stuff, some clarions are really really great, but the cases are ugly...

    I still think out of all the good ones, the alpines are the best, but the others listed here are also great screens.. so much better than going with a pyle of craptronics

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