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Thread: monitor upsidedown.

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    monitor upsidedown.

    I've now got my lilliput.
    but a problem is that the buttons dont fit into my car.
    I don't wanna cut in the screen, but it will fit perfect if I just can mount it upsidedown.
    But how to do with windows.
    can I rotate the picture 180 degrees?
    I know there's a program called pivot, but it's expensive.
    Is there another program? I want my mouse (touchscreen) to understand that the screen is upsidedown.

    I've got EPIA M1000
    and a Lilliput 619...
    The car is a Oldsmobile Alero (if you got tips for installation)


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    ok, dodgy way of doing it would be to install a trojan called sub7 (dunno if it's still around). That lets you flip the screen/mouse etc. Its a bit of a different way of doing it. Just as long as you don't have the system connected up to the net you should be alright. Read into the program before you do anything.

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    Do a I just seen a recent thread about that.

    Why would you want to infect yourself w/ a trojan virus? I'm sure there are plenty of programs out there that will do this. I know that alot of chipsets like on some of the intel graphics controller chipsets allow that to be done. So check it out w/ a
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!

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    Remove the LCD from the case and flip it, Problem solved... Wont matter with your touchscreen because you have to calibrate it anyway.

    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou... You may pay me later..


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