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Thread: Got a ticket for my monitor

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    I have to say, that they are probaly right, there is a maximum of 20cm which can be "blocked" (ala Sunstrip) so if it drops below that level, you are in the wrong.

    But I do agree, its rather harsh to get a ticket rather than a "sort it in 7 days" warning (ie. Flip it up )


    Opps old post

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    The new Lexus LS430's navigation screen's have bluetooth for bluetooth phone control. they tell me you can touch the screen to answer the call, place a call dial the numbers and all. sound to me exactly the type of screen activitys we do. I have to set up a new phone for one of my customers soon so I will know exactly what it will and won't do.

    Quote Originally Posted by hijinks21
    minivans have the screen but only people in the back can see them. those are perfectly legal.. as for GPS.. thats about the only function of those screens.. if you have one thats hooked up to a computer then it has many other functions and lawyers will abuse that to get the blame away from their client
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    the new bmw m3 i think has a media player (when you put in the cd it shows all of the tracks and which one is playing etc) as well as gps on its in dash screen. Kind of like what all of our carputer systems are....

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