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Thread: Lilliput Touchscreen not working

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    Angry Lilliput Touchscreen not working

    Greeting to all: I have a problem. I am using a Lilliput touchscreen on an EPIA v-1000 board with windows XP. The touchscreen has quit working. The drivers are installed and the computers says the hardware is present and "working properly". I am not able to callibrate and the pointer does not move when I touch the screen. Any advice would be welcomed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jjc319
    Greeting to all: I have a problem. I am using a Lilliput touchscreen on an EPIA v-1000 board with windows XP. The touchscreen has quit working.
    Are you using the drivers from the mini cd? Try uninstalling these and download the latest drivers from here or here


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    Thanks I will try the other drivers

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    Its not your monitor...

    I have several USB devices. I have found that various hubs do not work well - Belkin makes 2 - 3 powered that work great and 2 - 3 that do not work so great. Try Belkin FSU234 for all of your peripherals except for the LCD.

    I believe there are issues with constant sourcing devices and USB. A keyboard or mouse are not constant sourcing but an LCD or a GPS are.

    In other words, the way the device works - such as device polling (sourcing) is the issue. I don't believe that MS has worked all of this out yet so the peripheral manufacturers have had to deal with it.

    BTW, for XP, there is a new device driver for USBs that came out in December, you might want to try it.

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    I have tried the new drivers, still no success. The computer has the hardware "installed" but it physically does not work. Itried to install it on my laptop also with no success. Any way to test the touchscreen?

    Thanks again...


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    I am having a similar problem.

    My lilliput works fine with my laptop and my old bookPC, but not with my Epia. When I try to install the TouchKit software, it gets all the way to the end and then flashes an error message to the effect of "cant find file: UniversalPlugNPlayUninst"

    When I plug in the touchscreen, it goes through the hardware wizard and then at the end it says "cannot install hardware. Windows could not find the specified file" but it doesnt tell me what file it cant find. Then it tries to go through the wizard again unless I click cancel on the first screen.

    I was gonna have a completed install today, but after 3 hours of software troubles with my lilliput, I yanked it out and am reinstalling windows.
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