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Thread: Cheap 14" at Amazon

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    Cheap 14" at Amazon

    Kogi 14" LCD for $149 after rebates:

    Interesting... if only my dash were, um, bigger .

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    150 nit would be sucky for incar daytime driving.. but its a cheap screen
    '98 Explorer Sport (down atm)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hijinks21
    150 nit would be sucky for incar daytime driving.. but its a cheap screen
    well that number must be wrong. I have this monitor and i have very little problem with direct light daytime viewing.

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    Yeah, I get that feeling too that the specs are wrong. I've gamed on mine (RTCW:ET, UT2K3, AofM, etc) and I don't have any complaints about the supposedly 50ms response time.

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