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Thread: Why should I buy 7VVT KIT?

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    Why should I buy 7VVT KIT?

    Can anyone help me see why I shouldn't buy a regular 7" Screen off digitalww and add a 7" touchscreen to it, rather than buying their VGA VIDEO MODULE.

    7VVT KIT




    I want to buy the VGA Module so I can make a custom frame and fit in my G35 cubby; however, can anyone tell me why I shouldn't buy the TM700VGA (and of course remove it from its housing) and 7TSK. If i go this route, I save $50 and get extra cables and goodies and a remote controller as well.

    Is there any difference in screens? I assume the TM700VGA has all parts as well, like VGA Board, Inverter, etc... (I'm still learning... )
    For some reason, I can't figure out why would be the components be expensive then the complete part (minus the installation for TSK of course)

    Thanks for all the help guys...

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    Im not sure what kind of warranty you get with the kit, but if you open the monitor you void the warranty. Other than that, there is no difference other than price. Great monitor by the way. Very bright. Just like my old xenarc.

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