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    86 <-- they have this 7.2" lilliput for about $150. Is this company any good? If so, is the lcd any good? Thanks.

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    I haven't heard of the company before, but I did a search on and came up with nothing. Also did a search on the forum, there are two threads on screens from mini-tech but there are no replys in either one. Both the threads were about the sreens from mini tech and both had problems.

    7.5" and TV OUT (HEEEELLLLPPPP im going MAD)
    LCD screen problems....

    It seems like the screen is not vga. They have many other screen and none of them seem to be vga either. If you want good picture quality you probably want a vga screen. Plus they don't have any detailed specs on their screen either. So I'm not sure how good these screen actually are.

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