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Thread: Question about 75Ohm cables...

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    Question Question about 75Ohm cables...

    I have a Radeon 7500 in the carputer. I have issues with getting the TV out function to work properly. It refuses to boot with the LCD connected VIA the compsite out. (really S-Video to composite adaptor that came with the video card). I can use a monitor just fine and force the TV out but when I reboot the puter does not see/use the LCD.

    I've tried plugging the puter into my family room TV, which it sees, then switching it over to the LCD which will work, BUT if I turn the puter off for a minute and turn it back on the same thing, no LCD out.

    I even bought this cable: which claims "Dielectric insulation maintains 75 ohm signal integrity". I thought this would give it the 75 Ohm load needed for the video card to recognize the LCD but it still does not work.

    I have searched the forums and found this thread: I'm an idiot which originally had a picture showing how to splice a 75Ohm resistor into a composite cable, posted by ODYSSEY, but it does not display anymore. Should I have to do this even though the cable claims 75 Ohms?

    Any Ideas anyone?
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    The 75 Ohm rating of the cable does not refer to it's resistance between the center conductor and the shield. It refers to the impedance of the cable, based on certian factors. If you're curious, I found this page:

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    Try looking for an answer at an ATI-specific forum, I bet there's a registry hack or something to force tv-out.

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    The newer ATi Catalyst drivers let you override TV detection, i've had to use that myself to make my R9000 display something on my TV at home.

    TV out not detecting a TV is quite common with ATi cards due to people munging up the specification for termination and detection when they design TVs...

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