Alright.. I have an old 233 laptop that i want to use for mainly GPS and some wardriving. MP3 is a possible future option, but the laptop only has a 4 gig drive and i already have a 30 gig iPod in the car...
VGA= needed
Composite = a plus for future expansion.

the Xenarc or Lilliput is an ongoing debate, aparently (from searching) it seems the Xenarc is the way to go if you can solder. i have no problem touching up solder points and using glue to increase the structure of a display.
what are the TRUE faults of each type? and which faults are fixable?

Touchscreen users: is it really worth the functionality for the decreased picture? Is it more cumbersome to use a touchscreen or just get an external pointing device? my main concern is being able to EASILY operate GPS while driving (switching to different screens and zoom levels)

Casing: when you remove the casing... which lcd is the smallest in terms of height and width? I dont care much about thickness since i have alot of flexability there.

edit: here is a nice visual comparison between the 2 for those interested: