I recently noticed there had been an update to the VGA drivers for the Epia M. I had been running the old drivers for over a year successfully but there always were slight issues when running a Xenarc vga plus NTSC screens.

So I updated the driver and the BIOS. After the update, when both TV and CRT are enabled in the S3Display settings, the display on the xenarc is shifted down off the screen by about 3/8 inches. This is obviously not desirable.

After playing around with it for a while, I decided to reinstall the old drivers and old BIOS. Surprise!... I don't have the old driver files. Well i searched on the net and found an oldER version but i'm not sure that this is the version i was originally using. This managed to get the screen up about half way towards where it used to be, but not all the way up. When the TV setting is disabled on either driver, the display is positioned correctly. However, when the TV is checked, the screen is shifted down.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or have the original driver file that came with the Epia M? I am still looking for my CD but i'm pretty sure i don't have it anymore.