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Thread: Powering LCD from laptop

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    Powering LCD from laptop

    OK , 2 years ago I put together a dedicated "carputer" that I never installed because I was concerned about break-ins. I was using an old p2-computer and I had purchased 2 LCD's that take RCA composite input, and are powered via 12V HD connector from the PC's powersupply. Lately I've decided to go ahead and install my system anyway, however I am considering a laptop that I currently have for free, as my system of chocie. It's a PII-366 with 196MB ram, 12" LCD, 20Gig HD, docking station with DVD-ROM and AC-3 sound, and TV Out Jacks. The question that I have is how can I get 12V power to both (or one if I am limited) to my LCD's. They aren't great quality for GPS and text, but they will be mounted in the headrest for rear set passengers only for watching DVD's, which they can handle fine. I'm hoping that I can power these via a serial or usb port. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I'd use use a voltage regulator (something like the itps) and power the screens from the cars electrical system. To get 12v from the laptop, you'd have to open it up and tap into the Hard drive or CD power. The power you can get from serial/usb/parallel ports is only 5V.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaspin
    To get 12v from the laptop, you'd have to open it up and tap into the Hard drive or CD power.
    Laptop harddrives and cd drives only use 5 volts. There isn't any 12 volt in most laptops.

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    Thanks for your replies gentlemen.

    Umm so based on what you guys are telling me, my decesion might already be made for me. How involved would using a voltage regulator be? Also how much would it cost me? If I build a PC instead of using the laptop I would need to probably purchase a OPUS to power it. Which would be cheaper? Anybody have any other ideas on powering this puppy?

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