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Thread: Quality of Dinky?

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    Question Quality of Dinky?


    Does anyone know the homepage of the manufactor of DINKY lcd screens?
    I see they are quite cheap. I found the word 'dinky' lot's of times on this forum, but did not found any usefull info about it.
    Does anyone use one of these screens in his carpc?
    Are these screens reliable? How is the viewing angle.
    Do you get a decent image quality (i suppose these can only be used through tv-out, does that affect the image quality much?).

    I hope to get some feedback on this, as they are quite cheap and the nearest point of sale is 'only in the next country' (netherlands).



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    Biggest problem you will have is that they aren't VGA input screen, just composite video of some kind.

    They will be fine for using a DVD or a gameconsole, but will make windows very hard to read.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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