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Thread: keycorp K56h LCD Monitor

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    Lightbulb keycorp K56h LCD Monitor

    hay guys i am new to this site and looked through some stuff on these but not exactly what i wanted to know. hopefully you guys can help me. now its the ISA card version which means it has the DSTN connecter on it i believe and i was wondering since it has power and video in the one connecter is it possible to change it to a RCA connector/s and a seperate 12v connecter???
    i want to use it on a dvd player in my car. i don't want to run it through a isa card with 2mb ram on a computer in my car. dvd player hooked upto amp and the lcd screen...
    if anyone knows the pin outs and how to do it that yould be great.

    Thanks Guys

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    Forget it. No way are you going to get comp. video into this lcd. Sorry.

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