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Thread: Mounting a screen in a DIN slit?

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    Mounting a screen in a DIN slit?

    Ok, so there is a glut of the Lilliput toushscreen VGA screens out there on Ebay for under $300. Does anyone have an idea about hoe one might mount this into an open DIN slot? I think I saw something on digitalww for like $100, but that is rediculous. SOmeone has got to have an idea. Might make a good business idea, Im sure there is plenty of demand.

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    Here is my custom indash housing:
    my screen

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    You know - on a the business manufacturing/distribution end, it costs less then $300 to make one. CHINA CHINA CHINA!

    But then you have to take into account of quality and demand.

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    Can it fit

    I guess a big question is how deep is the lilliput screen? Wouldn't there ba a way to fab a pull out mechanism even leaving the monitor and housing intact?

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