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Thread: Mobile video in California

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    The CA law was posted on page 1 of this thread.

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    I belive MP3 playlists would fall under vehicle information so it all good

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    Updated my post above .... don't use that circuit, it's completely and utterly wrong...I'm an idiot.

    Here's a simpler circuit that should work. It only uses a single SPDT relay and the +/- supply voltages from your PSU.


    You can use the +/-5V rails if they happen to be more convenient in your setup. Also you can put a diode across the relay coil if you want.

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    can we just do something like this.
    Ebrake signal (-) wire to a relay with a switch to override the Ebrake signal.
    A relay output is send to the COM port or PARALLEL port (I refer parallel port because it never been use in car environment).

    On the software part. Have it runs as a service and the software should monitor the signal on the COM/PARALLEL port (if 2 pins of the port is connected or one of the pin is high (5V) or low).

    If there is input, disable video application or any applications (user configurable). By disable I mean, when video application is run, the monitor software kill the app and display an UNAVAILABLE message/image for couple seconds then close the message.
    This way, when the switch is turn on (no input and regardless of the ebrake) video application can be play. This is good when you are in the middle of no where. When the switch is off, the ebrake has be be on to show video app.

    Okay the relay wiring part.
    Relay coil: + connects to ACC or BATT, - connects to ebrake AND switch to override ebrake. It better to have the 2 signal issolate by 2 diodes othewise the cruise control may not work when the switch is on.
    output from relay (NO) is connect to COM/PARALLEL port.
    So when ebrake is engaged, COM port get signal and the monitor software disable the video apps.

    For the legal part, I think it is illegal to have moving pictures/video within the driver view whether in CA or else where (if it not illegal now, it will be in the future).
    We better think ahead

    Maybe this Software shutdown controller can add additional functions to disable the video application.
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    @Matrix, for the COM port, the switched relay output needs to be > +3v for Low and < -3V for High. For PARALLEL port use, you can use a single voltage (+5v). Other than that, we're saying the same thing. I don't think FP should even worry about how it's hooked up. It just needs to expose an interface that an external program can use to feed it the required info.

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    Any idea what the penalty if you get caught watching video or something is? Just curious.

    I found somewhere that said a 1st time infraction would be $100 + fees + taxes + rape-you-charge + .... and would end up being about $300. Would that be considered a "moving violation"? Would I get points? Would my insurance go up?

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