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Thread: Lilliput problem (Touch screen/driver)

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    Lilliput problem (Touch screen/driver)

    When i try to install the software that comes with the screen (winxp driver) it fails .. Everything looks okay under the installation. I get a message "Touch controller found on com 5, add this controller?" and i click yes.. The installation continues and everything looks ok..

    But when I try to run WorcolTouch and add a "panel" it find the controller on port 5 but the program closes down and i get the windows error message thingy..

    Anyone had this problem ?

    Where can i get the newest drivers for this screen ?

    Thanks for any help and sorry for my English.

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    Just a update. I tried on a different computer. Same thing happens here as wel,. Or not exactly the same, it doesnt show that it has found a controller on com port 5 it just creashes every time i try to add a panel to the program that came with the lcd.. hmm.. This is bad. .

    EDIT: Problem solved.. My Belkin Bluetooth adapter was taking up virtual ports from 2 - 25 and that was something that the lilliput ts driver didnt like so it crashed everytime it searched trough the com ports .. A small bug but everything is working fine now..

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