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Thread: 2 DIN (4") in dash VGA screen. where can i find one?

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    2 DIN (4") in dash VGA screen. where can i find one?

    Hi all,
    I've done lots of reading and seaching and have seen lots of really sweet custom housings but i havent been able to find good ole 2 DIN VGA LCD enclosure. I have a 94 RX7 so its the standard asian double high square din enclosure so im thinking there has to be something i can just buy for the thing as i have zero fab experience.

    any suggestions?

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    You will never find one that fits exactly into a double din slot. In most cases, you will have to remove the casing or make a custom mold. But hey, you might strike it lucky, if you do... Let me know!


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    4" and VGA ?
    time for the sig:

    '00 VW golf TDI upped to 130 HP - 18" RS 6 wheels - liliput 7" tft in indash housing - epia 10K - SB audigy - caliber 1 fahrad CAP - RF punch amp - hollywood 1.6K mono amp - boston acoustics pro - RF 10" DVD sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerard
    4" and VGA ?
    I believe the 4" that he refers to is the height of a standard 2 DIN cubby (1 DIN = 2" H x 7" W). Lots of ppl here have molded the 7" (diagonal) widescreen Lilliput or Xenarc LCD into a 2 DIN cubby.
    I put my Lilliput into the in-dash housing from DigitalWW which takes up 1 DIN and have a Clarion DXZ535 with aux-in in the other 1 DIN space.

    An unexpected advantage of using the in-dash is the ability to tilt and swivel the LCD quite a fair bit - allowing for the LCD to be positioned to minimize glare, viewing by passenger and tilted slightly down at night to avoid being distracted or blinded. Definitely worth the $90 that I paid for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerard View Post
    4" and VGA ?
    How about 3.7" VGA thats what I use
    Yes its VGA and even has VGA out capability...

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