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Thread: This thing any good for easy LCD mounting?

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    This thing any good for easy LCD mounting?

    Hey .... found this at

    Looks like it might be an easy way to mount an LCD without having to cover up your AC vents like you would do if you used those clips at Anybody ever try this thing out? By the looks of it, though, it seems it might be ok for just being used as a display, but if your LCD is a touchscreen it might be too flimsy for that (I'm guessing it'd probably shake too much on a bumpy road).

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    You are correct. The monitor would shake all over the place while you were driving. Terrible for touchscreen as you wouldn't have anything to push against(aside from your dash behind the monitor).

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    It would be fine for use as a monitor mount. The amount of resistance the flex has is enough to minimze bounce. And i wouldnt be worried about pussing the monitor back from using the touchscreen. How do i know? Cause i use a flex mount...not this model, but a similar.

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